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Being Good Teammates

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Some Things to Consider
by posted 10/03/2019





We may get crushed- At some point we may face a team of kids that practice year round and is just plain better than us. They might have a kid that is a face-off genius or a middie that shoots 60 mph. It will be difficult to watch… but it may happen. Just encourage our team to do the best they can and work hard. The fact that the boys don’t give up is the most important thing.. Stay positive


We will dominate another team-there will be games that we are significantly in the lead and this is when we can show our boys how to act respectfully and to pass the ball around. It will be fun to move positions around and be patient.


Referee decisions


There will be games that refs completely get it wrong and mess up a call. We can show our boys how to deal with bad breaks in life and continue to work….Be calm


Our Edge


Multi-Sport Team-We, as coaches love that our team is made up of kids that play multiple sports. It prevents injuries and burnout and quite frankly makes well rounded kids. The fact that our team has kids that play soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, wrestling, snowboarding, dodgeball, or anything else is AWESOME!!!  We, as coaches all have multiple kids and completely understand the busy schedules that you, as parents have. What we ask is that you make this team a priority and commit to what you can, always keeping us in the loop. We will use the SI Play app for communication and here you will also find the schedule as it appears on our website.  Please always respond and set the avaiability whether or not your son will be attending the practices and games as it helps us plan ahead. Please reach out if you have any difficulty retrieving the schedule information on the app.


Our Coaching


All our coaches have played lacrosse at some time (some at a pretty high college level) and love the game. We are all certified, have taken courses, and are volunteering our time to keep the cost down, while providing a positive learning experience for the kids. If there is ever a specific issue that comes up, the door is always open and encouraged. We believe in this league and want the best for the boys.


Parent Expectations


As stated earlier, we as coaches are in the same crazy race as you. There will be decisions that are made that you may disagree with. With 20 boys on a team, inevitably there will be a move or play that may not make sense, or you disagree with. We appreciate the patience and understanding as we all want the same thing… these boys to grow as lacrosse players and young men. Kids feed off the confidence parents have with the coaching and conversely shrink with the negativity that can potentially be present. We ask that sideline comments be kept positive (there may be a specific reason for an unusual move like creating confidence in a player) and that you trust our judgement. Sometimes there are plays or schemes that the boys haven’t fully grasped yet and it is counterproductive for us to just yell at them. As a group, the parents have the most influence on the culture of the team. Let’s make it a good one!


Player Expectations


All we ask is that every player show up ready to play. Ready to learn. There will be good days and bad days, and we as coaches are ready to deal with both. In the age of 8th grade college commitments, there is sometimes an unusual and unrealistic expectation of performance – much different than our childhood. We believe in fostering a positive environment that, over time, will bring about results. Hard Work trumps all, which you will see as everyone on the team progresses.


Thank You


Thank you for taking the time to read this. The culture and legacy of this team is structured by us, the parents. Let’s have a positive, memorable year with these awesome boys!







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